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The One Last Network podcast is dedicated to the connecting pet guardians with the support and services they may need as their companion animals age, grow ill and ultimately leave our physical world.

We are professional pet photographers who identified this need after serving so many clients who come to us for end of life pet photography, which we often call Memory, Rainbow or Legacy sessions. Come back here each Saturday for a new episode or subscribe on your favorite podcast listener.

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Plasma takes pet supplements to another level

Tim Mitchum of WinProPet fills us in a new ingredient in pet supplements: spray-dried plasma.

The Art of Shifting Gears

Host Angela Schneider is taking the podcast in a different direction, since the topic of pet loss grief can be so overwhelming.

The Art of Diagnosing Doggy Dementia

Jessey Scheip of MIndful Mentor Behavior Consulting in Fairfax, Virginia, fills us in cognitive canine disorder, or doggy dementia.

The Art of Ministering Comfort

Scott Campbell is the veterinary chaplain at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. He joins us to talk about how he supports the clinic at WSU.

The Art of a Good Death

Dr. Dani McVety of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice & In-Home Euthanasia joins to talk about the evolution of euthanasia in veterinary medicine.

The Art of Talking About Death with Kids

Our friend Coleen Ellis of Two Hearts Pet Loss returns to teach us how to discuss the death of a family pet with your children.

The Art of Crying Like No One is Watching

Your host Angela Schneider shares her thoughts on why it’s OK to cry wherever you are, whenever you are.

The Art of Making the Tough Decisions

Amy Castro runs the Starlight Outreach and Rescue in Texas. She join us today for some tough talk on making life and death decisions for animals.

The Art of Shifting Language

Erica Messer returns to fill us in on the developments of Wolfie’s Wish and how she’s trying to change the conversation around pet loss grief.
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