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Why join One Last Network

Hi, pet tog! Thanks for wanting to become a member of the One Last Network community. End-of-life pet photography is a critical service we provide to pet owners. 

As photographers, we provide high-quality, end-to-end service that immortalizes the amazing love and connection pet guardians have found in their fur-covered friends.

Your work matters.

By joining One Last Network, you become part of a community that seeks to elevate professional pet photography and increase our visibility in the hearts and minds of pet owners. The pet photographers’ directory gives you another opportunity to put your face out there (and gain backlinks from a website built by an SEO specialist!)

You will also have access to pet loss grief training, an incredible service to add to your already wonderful business, and you can learn how to become a better storyteller for your clients, your blog and your social media.

Premium membership includes pet loss grief certification and access to all content-creation training.
~ Angela

Pet loss grief training

for photographers

Learn the right things to say to a client whose pet has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Understand anticipatory grief and all the complex emotions our clients are enduring as they face a future without their best fur friend.

One Last Network is training photographers to be better service providers to their clients who come to them for end-of-life sessions. Together, we can forge a movement where our clients are supported in a world that doesn’t always tolerate grief … especially the grief that comes with losing our beloved pets.

Pet loss grief training is included in Platinum Members, and discounted for Silver Members. It is now available on demand.


Membership details

As a part of the One Last Network pet photographers directory, you have the opportunity to become certified in pet loss grief coaching. Taught by certified grief coach Angela Schneider, your learning will bring you to a new level of understanding of the anticipatory grief and post-death grief your clients are experiencing as their pets age and eventually cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

Many of us have been there before with our own pets. Learning how to be a grief coach, you will always know the right thing to say, when to lend support and how to give your clients tips on handling their grief.

You can also learn how to become a better content creator, accessing information on how to interview people in your community, what content to create and what to do with it all after you hit “publish.”

Once your membership is approved, you gain access to the One Last Network Heartbeat channel, a community of professional pet photographers just like you who are intent on creating great content and being the most compassionate, understanding photographer for pet guardians in their area.


$100 / year
  • Full profile listing with backlinks to your website
  • Learn content creation from a master storyteller
  • Access to general Zoom calls on content creation
  • Submit five blog posts per year and gain valuable backlinks
  • Discount on pet loss grief certification
  • Discount on coaching for content creation
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Upcoming workshops for member photographers

Feb. 15: The Art of Blogging: How to use keywords

March 15: The FIRST Art of End of Life Photography:  The Business Workshop

April 19: The Art of Self-Care

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