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Pawsh Photography LLC

About Lisa Peterson

Dogs are furry puddles of unconditional loving goo.

Within your circle of trusted beings, dogs are the only ones who are always in the present moment. They have an uncanny ability to give you exactly what you need.

Though you try to push it away, that nagging voice in your head reminds you that your time with your dog is tragically short. Maybe you’ve tried preserving the special moments using your smart phone, only to discover it’s not as easy as it seems. What if you could freeze time and preserve your dog’s quirky lovable self?

I’ve got you, fur parent.

I help dog loving Minneapolis St Paul parents celebrate their pets by creating beautiful customized art.

Hi. I’m Lisa. I’m a proud Crazy Dog Mom and a dog and cat photographer. I founded Pawsh Photography because I want every pet owner to have beautiful images of their beloved fur babies.

I love working with other animal loving people. Most of all I love proving that any pet can be wildly successful with pet photography. It just takes patience and positivity. My clients call me the pet whisperer!

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