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Pant the Town Photography

About Darlene Woodward

Darlene Woodward is a published pet photographer, dog mom and lover of all things winter from the North Shore of Boston area. Inspired to go all-in when she rescued Kota, a husky mix who had a rough start in life, 11 years ago, Darlene became a certified dog trainer focusing on positive reinforcement methods. Shortly thereafter, she started Pant The Town Photography to capture that special bond between pets and their humans through beautiful photos and artwork for the home.

Darlene has offered Memory Sessions as part of her photography collections since she started in 2016. Pets are family members and when they leave us, a piece of our soul goes too. She has always had a special place in her heart for terminally ill and aging animals, but in 2019, it hit home when Kota got very ill. Darlene became increasingly worried that Kota might not make it. She realized just how important it was to have those special photos creating memories for a lifetime … before it was too late. She began photographing Kota on her favorite walks, enjoying favorite treats and lounging with her peeps. As of 2022, Kota is still with the Woodward family and Darlene continues to capture those special moments that will forever be remembered when the time comes.

Patience and perseverance are two of Darlene’s strengths developed in her former careers as a middle school teacher and flight attendant. She continues to infuse both into all of her pet photography, but especially the Memory Sessions. She works hard to get THE perfect shot. It may involve chicken and squeaky toys, but she won’t stop until her clients (both two-legged and four) are happy.

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