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About Chris Miller
I believe that as your dog’s guardian, you deserve treasured memories of the unique and unconditional bond of love and trust between you both – a love that you will carry in your heart forever.

MIL Pet Photography – Millers Image Limited

MIL Pet Photography is an animal loving husband and wife team.  I’m Chris Miller, a published dog photographer and the UK’s first certified Dog Photography Master, based from Windsor & Ascot, Berkshire in the UK.  To further my deep understanding of all things dog, I gained a Diploma with Distinction in Canine Behaviour Training in 2022.

My wife Sue assists you and your dog throughout the Experience, and also has an eye for the perfect photograph.  As well as finding the perfect spot to take photos, she chooses the final images that get edited!  Together, we travel throughout the UK counties of Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Sussex.

Sue and I started MIL Pet Photography in 2018 together as dog photography specialists who love nothing more than capturing that unique emotional connection and deep, unconditional love between you and your beloved dog.

In 2022, we authored Tails of Windsor & Ascot, part of the Tails of the World international collective. Showcasing dogs around Windsor & Ascot, the book continues to raise additional funds for Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs.

We love providing an overall experience for you and your dog. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you and your furry family. With our happy and relaxed approach to photography sessions, your dog can run, play and have fun in familiar surroundings. We passionately believe that animals are best photographed within a natural environment.

You and your dog deserve the very best, and we will make sure that’s what you get.  Both Sue and I truly value quality and experience, and we strive to ensure that every experience with us results in a 5 star rating.  From the initial inquiry through to the personal delivery of the British or Italian handcrafted Wall Art and Albums, every year we continue to improve our education and understanding to be the best that we can be for all of our clients.

It is a combination of our patience, knowledge in canine behaviour and formal photographic training that allows us to photograph each dog with heart-warming and often humorous portraits. In doing so, we celebrate the very essence of who they are.

When we are not capturing dogs being dogs for our clients, we give back to UK based dog rescues and non-profits.  When we are providing dog event based photography, all time and/or fees are invested into an associated non-profit.

It’s only when you are a dog photographer or have had a professional dog photography experience before the passing of a loved companion that you truly appreciate how priceless it is to have photos of our dogs, and photos of us with our dogs.  I have just one photo of my first dog, Jenny, a rescue Greyhound – fortunately I am in that black and white photo with her, and it is still priceless to me.  It’s our goal to make sure that every dog lover has the opportunity to have beautiful dog photography to treasure.

One Last Network

I am proud to be part of One Last Network and achieve certification in Pet Loss Grief to best support our clients as they work through the anticipatory grief of facing the future without their best friend.

With the deep compassion we have for all dogs, we started offering Memory Sessions in 2019 where we capture the true personality and character of terminally ill dogs.  Such memories are transformed into beautiful dog photography to be treasured forever.  Whilst we encourage all dog owners to have a MIL Pet Photography Experience while their dog is still young and active, we realised early on that sometimes that just doesn’t happen, and at other times ill health can come unexpectedly too.  Our most recent loss was at just seven years old.

One Last Magical Adventure

Many dog lovers have hundreds of photos on their phones, but it’s sadly after they cross the Rainbow Bridge that they realise just how few of them are of the owners with their dog, showing that bond and special love for each other. We believe that every dog lover deserves permanent memories of their dog being themselves, capturing that unique unconditional love for each other.  We have the care, patience and creativity to deliver that with every session.

For ageing dogs or terminally ill dogs, we will help create “One Last Magical Adventure” for you and your dog.  Both Sue and I are keen walkers and hikers, so whether it’s a last walk in a local park or however challenging you may want to make your One Last Magical Adventure, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.  You and your dog deserve the best, and to have One Last Magical Adventure together – we’d be honoured and privileged to capture these treasured memories of the love you share, and the joy they bring to your life.

MIL Pet Photography based from Windsor & Ascot, Berkshire is the brand name of Millers Image Limited and registered in the UK as company number: 10644338

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