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Meet the Team

One Last Network is ...

a place for pet parents to find support for their aging or ill pets, for the agony leading up to those last days and for the grief they experience after the inevitable loss..


Angela Schneider

Grief and loss have been incredible teachers for Angela. The deaths of her soulmate, Shep, in 2014, her father in 1996 and, earlier this year, her mother have had a profound impact on how Angela sees the world and her business, Big White Dog Photography, based in Spokane, WA.

Angela recently was certified as a Grief Coach with the intention of helping her photography clients whose pets are nearing the end of their lives. The One Last Network podcast and directory have become a new part of her journey as she aims to connect pet lovers with resources to deal with their aging or ill pets, anticipatory grief and the ultimate loss.

Founding Members

Jessica Wasik, Bark & Gold Photography

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jessica is a photographer, dog mom and macaron aficionado who fell in love with this crazy pet photography world thanks to her boy, Hunter. He is her heart dog, why her home is a little hairier, her bed a little tighter, and her heart a lot fuller. He is the inspiration behind Bark & Gold Photography.

Jessica understands how much your pet means to you too and why it is so important for you to document the joy and love you share. The Bark & Gold Photography experience is built on the belief that “what is done in love is done well.”

Kylee Doyle Photography in Sacramento

Kylee Doyle, Kylee Doyle Photography

Northern California

As a dog mom herself, Kylee understands that bond and wants to help you cherish it forever. Kylee also answers to Dog Mom, Chief Noise Maker and Crazy Animal Lady. She helps pet parents capture memories with their furbabies and turn them into photographic artwork they can proudly display in their homes for generations to come. She uses the many incredible outdoor locations in the greater Sacramento and Tahoe areas as stunning backdrops for pups’ portraits.

Kylee’s own highly sensitive dog has led her to specialize in working with reactive pups. Sessions are customized to the dog’s needs in order to create a comfortable environment.

Courtney Bryson, CM Bryson Photography

Atlanta, Georgia

There’s no such thing as “just a dog.” And you know the time you have will never be enough.  You want to remember what he looked like, what his fur felt like under your hands and how much he loved that slobbery, disgusting tennis ball that you threw a million times.

Courtney Bryson creates photographic artwork of Georgia’s most loved pets. Her love for animals has shaped the course of her life and she have worked professionally with animals for the last 10 years. While she knew pet photography was important, it wasn’t until she hired an equine photographer for her own horse in her golden years that she truly understood how priceless it is to have photos of our pets and photos of us with our pets.
Courtney Bryson of CM Bryson Photography in Atlanta
Darlene Woodward of Pant the Town Photography in Boston

Darlene Woodward, Pant the Town Photography

Boston, New Hampshire and surrounding areas

Born from her journey to connect with people, pets and places, Darlene’s photography business all started with her rescue dog, Kota. Kota’s challenges as a rescue with a difficult start inspired Darlene to learn about animals. She became a dog trainer to reinforce their bond, after several dog trainers were convinced Kota was a hopeless case and could only be trained through harsh punishment methods.

Because every dog, human, and connection is one-of-a-kind, she approaches each project with an openness to listen, learn and bring that unique joy to light.